Make cash donations through PayPal.

We welcome your donations of books, videos (Blu-Ray and DVD) and CDs.  You may drop them off at either library.  Since our operations are located at the Main Library, we much prefer that you drop them off there at the Welcome Desk.  Donation receipts for tax purposes are available at both libraries. 

We use criteria provided by library personnel to determine whether your donations should be considered for adding to the library collection or should be sold.  

Once we have determined that the donation will not be usable in the library collection, we then research its value online.  If we can make more money by selling it online, then we add it to our Amazon listings. Otherwise, we price it for selling inside the library, either at one of our biannual book sales or on our sale shelves between the Sesame Donut Coffee Court and the Meeting Room.

We are members of the Oregon Cultural Trust. Donate to us, then donate the same amount to the Oregon Cultural Trust. Then, take the amount donated to OCT off your state taxes as a tax credit. Details are at the Oregon Cultural Trust website